Enclosed Swimming Pools
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Why invest in a pool enclosure?

Enclosed Swimming Pool Constructions

If you've invested in a swimming pool and want to keep it clean, warm and safe, prolonging the use you'll get out of it, while saving a great deal of time and money, the best thing is to invest in and enclosed swimming pool.

Enclosures for swimming pools are available in several different styles to suit your garden and location, from low and subtle, to beautiful glass houses, and air dome protection. Whether you want to make a feature out of your pool or blend it subtly in with the grounds, there is an enclosure to suit your taste

.Save money on family holidays – enjoy your pool at home!

.An enclosed swimming pool means your pool will cost less to run, as you avoid losing heat generated electrically and actually make your own heat for free with natural solar action through the enclosure.

A swimming pool with an enclosure around it also means you’re more likely to use the pool all year round, making your investment even better value-for-money. Moreover, it saves you having to clean it out as often with the cover preventing leaves, flies and other debris from falling in

Your own garden of Eden

Whether it’s raining, windy, cold, or the middle of the night with shining stars above, if your pool is enclosed you can swim whenever the fancy takes you! And with the UK’s ever-changing, unpredictable weather it makes sense to protect your investment and extend the life of your pool. An enclosure will also mean a reduced need to use chemicals for cleaning as the pool will stay cleaner for longer, in most cases doubling the life of the swimming pool, and saving you money.

Easy to install and easy to operate, only needing a high power water jet to keep it clean on the outside, a swimming pool enclosure is affordable, ensures safety in the garden, and helps the pool stay warm and useable all year round – even when there’s snow falling on the ground!

Special swimming pool outdoor buildings

There are three main types of enclosures: air dome, low profile, and telescopic. The compact design of the telescopic pool enclosure maximises poolside area, and allows you to pull back the cover as far as you like whenever you like: on a hot day swim in the sun and get a tan, on a cold day swim safely in the warmth and enjoy the exercise! The main arches of the telescopic pool are sealed with rubber to ensure excellent rain and draft proofing.

Capture the sun’s rays & ensure safety all year round

Low profile swimming pool enclosures are designed for owners who don’t want a larger area above and around their pool enclosed, but who are still interested in preserving safety and maximising value-for-money. This design causes minimal impact on the garden view – the neighbours can’t complain!

You don’t have to have a permanent enclosure over your pool

Air dome enclosures are like a large, transparent bubble of contained space above and around your pool. A small fan blows air into the dome to keep it buoyant and it’s held down securely either by a water bag around the bottom, or bolted to the ground via a cable. With a zip flap entrance that can be positioned facing any direction, scuff proof materials, a range of different colours, shapes, and sizes this is a great choice to help protect your pool and save money on running costs.